Uppsala is often named “The peace city of Sweden”. It has been home to four of the five historical Swedish Nobel Peace Prize Laureates. Today, many academic and civil society organizations with a strong international peace commitment are housed in Uppsala. In August and September 2023 Uppsala will be the host of both an international conference on peace and a peace festival.

11th international conference of museums for peace


Uppsala, Sweden august 14-16 2023

The International Network of Museums for Peace (INMP) and Fredens Hus (Sweden) invite you to participate in our next international conference.

The world is changing and now more than ever peace and democray is in danger. Museums are important cultural institutions in telling the history of peacemaking as well as working to build and cultivate peace and justice for the future. 

Set in the historical city of Uppsala, Sweden, the 11th International Conference of Museums for Peace will revolve around the role of museums as defenders of human rights and educators for a sustainable society.

The conference will circle around three major statements:

  1. Bringing history to life
  2. Peace education
  3. Peacebuilding for the future


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PEACE FEstival

Uppsala, Sweden Aug 6th-Sep 9th 2023 

During one month the people of Uppsala will be able to take part in activities on peace, human rights and a sustainable society. We will fill the streets with exhibitions, music and much more. The festival starts on the Hiroshima Memorial Day August 6th and ends on Kulturnatten September 9th 2023.

Do you have ideas for activities you wish to see during the festival? Contact us at:

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