The 11th International Conference of Museums for Peace takes place in Uppsala, Sweden August 14-16. If you arrive early you can participate in pre-conference activities on August 13. 

During the conference you will meet interesting people from...

Gapminder – Fredens Hus – The association of Swedish museums – John Rabe and International –Safety Zone Memorial – Museum of World Culture – Museum Next – International Network of Museums for Peace – Newcastle University – Humanitarian Law Center Kosovo – Media Education Centre Serbia – Peace museum Vienna – Kobe University – Uppsala Cathedral and Museum – NIOD (Instituut voor Oorlogs-, Holocaust- en Genocidestudies) – Guernika Peace Museum Foundation – Peace museum Colorado – City of Uppsala – Kyoto Museum for World Peace – New York University – The Peace Museum in Bradford – Crosscurrents International Institute – Himeyuri Peace Museum – Community Peace Museum of the African Child Soldier in South Sudan – Teheran Peace Museum – Uppsala University – University of St Andrews – Global Art Project for Peace – Peace Resource Center – Centre for Multidisciplinary Research on Religion and Society – Dayton International Peace Museum – Community Peace Museums Heritage Foundation in Kenya – Webster University – Peace Boat – Ritsumeikan University – October 6 Museum Project – U Thant House – KU Leuven – Cambodia Peace Gallery – NED University of Engineering & Technology – Indian Institute for Peace Disarmament & Environmental Protection – Rotary Peace Center of Makerere University – Peace Resource Center, Wilmington College – Ohio state University – Movement for the Abolition of War – Maruki Gallery for the Hiroshima Panels – University of Manitoba – Yesil Valiz Association for Responsible Tourism – Pau Casals Foundation – Canadian Museum for Human Rights – Games for change – Warchildhood Museum in Ukraine – University of Oslo – The Peace Building

...among many other things!


  • Optional: guided city walks 16:00-17:30


Conference theme: Bringing history to life

  • Optional: guided city walks 10:00-11:30
  • Registration 10:00-14:00
  • CONFERENCE SESSIONS: Bringing history to life 13:30-18:30

    Keynote speakers and presentations

  • Welcome reception at the Principal’s office 18:30


Conference theme: Education for Peacebuilding

  • Registration 8:00-8:30
  • CONFERENCE SESSIONS: Education for Peacebuilding 8:30-16:30

    Keynote speakers and presentations

  • Optional: dinner at Katalin 19:00-21:00


Conference theme: Peacebuilding for the Future

  • CONFERENCE SESSIONS: Peacebuilding for the Future 8:30-18:00

    Keynote speakers and presentations

  • Conference dinner at Uppsala Castle 19:00-23:00


Uppsala Peace Walk

Uppsala is often named “The peace city of Sweden”. It has been home to four Swedish Nobel Peace Prize Laureates: Hjalmar Branting, Nathan Söderblom, Alva Myrdal and Dag Hammarskjöld. On this guided tour we will visit some of the places connected to these peace profiles.

Uppsala Cultural Walk

On this guided city tour we will pass through some of Uppsala’s most famous attractions: The Linnaeus botanical garden, Uppsala Cathedral, and Uppsala castle.

Uppsala Peace Walk

(see description above)

Uppsala Cultural Walk

(see description above)

Welcome reception at Uppsala University (principal's office)

Optional dinner at Katalin

Conference dinner at Uppsala Castle